Coordinating Legislation

Our very own Dave Fonda has a brilliant idea!  Get liberty-minded legislators together from across the U.S. to discuss issues to present in a coordinated manner for full impact.  It’s so simple, yet so darned BRILLIANT!

So, keep track of those liberty-minded legislators in office and those that get elected across the U.S., folks! 

I see HOPE FOR AMERICA in our future!  🙂


Candidate Responsibilities – How to Win

CANDIDATE RESPONSIBILITIES: You are “interviewing” for a job and your “customers” will want to know how you intend to support them.  CUSTOMER SERVICE is KEY.  Of course, KEY to great customer service is LISTENING.

* Visit neighbors door-to-door to introduce yourself (and LISTEN to determine what issues are most important to them).
* Attend area clubs, churches, schools, organizations where you can LISTEN to discussions about issues and decide how you will address those issues.
* Determine your Campaign “Theme” (e.g., Economic Freedom, Missouri Rights, Missouri Education, etc.)
* Determine top issues you’ll focus on (e.g. Economy, Property Rights, Small Business, Education, etc.)
* Ask for endorsements from high-profile people and organizations that support your issues.

2. Make sure your issues relate to those that are most important to your CUSTOMERS.
3. If you are running against an incumbent, don’t tip them off too early (you want the best head start). Take the time to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.
4. Reach out to your friends and family to help you execute your plans.

Which Party?

Thought of the Day…

The purpose of political parties is meant only to divide people.  Running away to another party is like leaving our brothers and sisters on the front line to battle alone.  If we jump ship, the GOP will still be corrupt.  If we aren’t involved, they’ll keep doing what they’re doing.  They WANT us to jump ship, get lost, run away so they can keep their strangle hold on liberty.

We have a big family who listens and accepts us – our fellow Liberty & Freedom supporters.  As one all-inclusive team, we are a force to be reckoned with. 

Please continue to stand next to us, fight with us, let us lean on you when we’re weary, let us look to you for encouragement, take the torch when we’re weak, and carry it forward when we die….