Constitution Quiz

Great idea!  When speaking to people about bringing our country back, you may want to open the conversation by asking if they’d like to take the Constitution Quiz –

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Great Resource! How to Win a Local Election

I received this message today…

If any of you have someone in your county running for committee person
(or other public office), you might want to check out this website run
by a Republican.  It is a treasure trove of information on local
politics and how to run a campaign.  Sign up for their newsletter.
There is a lot of good information in there.  And also check out the
archives, there are lots and lots of articles…you could probably
spend a month reading at this site if you wanted to.

Thanks, Matt!

Missouri Campaign Finance Laws

The Missouri Ethics Commission is responsible for ensuring campaign finance laws are followed properly in accordance with Chapter 130 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  They provide the most current documents and information necessary regarding contributions (including fiat money, gifts, loans, or “anything of value”*), used to influence voters. 

If you’re running for a committeeman or committeewoman position (or other smaller local elections), you shouldn’t expect to receive over $500 in money or in-kind contributions.  In that case, it appears that you would file a Statement of Exemption:  HOWEVER…

According to the book “How to Win a Local Election”1, you cannot rely on what someone else tells you regarding finance law, you cannot rely on what was done in the past, because the laws are often amended.  You are responsible for reading it, understanding it and following it exactly.  

Please confirm requirements with the Missouri Ethics Commission by calling (800) 392-8660 or (573) 751-2020.

Brochures and information are available on the Missouri Ethics Commission website:

Review the law related to campaign financing in Missouri:

*Definition of Contributions (Ref):

Contribution: A contribution includes a payment, gift, loan, advance, deposit, or donation of money or anything of value. A contribution of anything of value shall be deemed to have a monetary value equal to the fair market value.

In-Kind Contribution: An in-kind contribution is a contribution in a form other than money. It is the responsibility of the campaign to report the value of an in-kind contribution. The in-kind value should be the fair market value. (What someone else would pay for the same thing.)

1 “How to Win a Local Election”, 3rd Edition, 2007, Judge Lawrence Grey, pp 28-35.