God Given Liberty

People ask me how best to recognize those who have “given their life” for the cause.  They thank me for the work I’ve done, but feel it’s not enough.  You may not be a religious or spiritual person, but I have a feeling.

I feel that God has provided me and many others the perfect time to do His work.  Many who have lost their jobs need a purpose in life.  Many who have no children at home to care for or serious financial or other obligations, or are in “just the right circumstances” are the ones that God has chosen to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I thank God for the opportunity.  I love the fact that I’ve been given this gift to help people, and I love hearing from people who appreciate my work.  I feel the satisfaction in my soul, and I don’t expect a thank you, but it gives me joy to hear it.

Thank you, God, for giving me the Liberty, the Freedom, and the “right time” to help others.  Between you and me, God, I’m tired but I’ve never been happier in my life!  P.S.  Please allow me the strength to continue this great opportunity under Your kind direction.  I promise to always try to do everything with Your moral guidance as my compass!


Deb  🙂